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From the last 35 years, Six Sigma has become the most influential quality management methodologies in the entire world. Its origin in the manufacturing industry is also deployed in service and transactional business such as banking, software development, healthcare, and energy. 

Addition of Lean to Six Sigma making it Lean Six Sigma is such a popular approach to process improvement. The combination of the frameworks has helped in reducing variation and waste generation. It has shifted the focus to the customer needs and demands.

Application of Lean Six Sigma is not easy, and most industries fail if they try without proper training and consultation. Lean Six Sigma Experts of Idaho has been consistent in providing world-class services regarding Lean Six Sigma training and consultation. This article has tried to inform you about various Lean Six Sigma Services provided by us.

LSS Idaho-Nampa-ID

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that involves reducing variation and detecting defects. Most importantly, it’s concerned with the application of practices that reduced flaws in the system.

It is a unique combination that combines the Lean Management principles and the data-dependent statistical approach of Six Sigma. Six Sigma was initially formalized in the 1980s for the manufacturing industry. It was somewhere in 2000 that Lean was added to it to form Lean Six Sigma. 

Six Sigma has a significant role in refining processes producing 3.4 defects per million. Lean management strives for continuous improvement by understanding customer needs and streamlining the projects by removing seven types of waste responsible for lowered product quality. 

Benefits of Lean Six Sigma for the companies

  • Improved process
  • Increased capacity throughout the company
  • Increased revenues
  • Reduced cost expenditure due to fewer defects.
  • It saves materials and time.

Lean Six Sigma Green belt

A Lean Six Sigma Green belt certified individual holds excellent expertise in the proper management of the organization. Organizations that have green belt professionals working for them have a higher success rate.

They are able to manage and resolve issues with creative strategies. You are able to find the root cause of the issues, and hence future problems can be prevented well in time. An out-of-the-box outlook is given to the issue that arises. Through training provided at Lean Six Sigma Experts of Idaho, the professionals have been able to get better-paid jobs.  

With Green belt certified professionals, organizations have saved a huge sum of money. If you seek some similar benefits, connect with our professionals now!

Why choose Lean Six Sigma Experts of Idaho for your certification and training in Lean Six Sigma?

Be it any Lean Six Sigma certification, and it is very hard and laborious to qualify for the exam without training. The preparation must be good enough for individuals to clear it. Lean Six Sigma Experts of Idaho will provide you with good and informative material that will be helpful throughout your certification journey.

People of the town trust us for our consistent efforts. Also, it’s the unique strategies that make us so effective and reliable.

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