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Lean Six Sigma helps you manage waste removal and reduce variations in business. This certification can help companies as well as individuals to grow and scale their careers respectively. Lean Six Sigma can be achieved easily, but it needs proper implementation and understanding.

That is why you need Lean Six Sigma Experts of Idaho. We are professional trainers and consultants that can help you understand this certification and implement it properly. If you deeper insights about this certification, then read along.

LSS Idaho-Coeur-dAlene-ID

What is Lean Six Sigma certification?

Lean Six Sigma certification focuses on improving the management of your company. This helps you manage waste, time, variations, and many more aspects that majorly contribute to the company’s growth. Lean Six Sigma approach is the practical and the best approach that helps you and your employees increase the area of imagination.

It helps in boosting up the mindsets of the employees of your company. By this, they will get the motivation to focus on improving management and providing better results. Moreover, Lean Six Sigma gives you a framework for the betterment of your career and company. This certification is made up of two different methodologies with similar strategies. Let us know more about them.  

What is Lean?

Lean is an ideology that helps you to be more particular, efficient and increase performance by eliminating waste. Lean is very effective and precise. This allows the industry to increase revenue, reduce costs. Waste in the text can be something that is of no value to the company. It can be a product, idea, space, vehicle, or inventory.

What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a set of tools and strategies that help you and your firm reduce the variations and improve process management techniques. This approach enables you to streamline your business and understand the flaws of your company. Six Sigma’s main goal is to legitimize individuals who have the art to manage and identify the errors and erase them.

Common Levels of certification

This approach has different certifications that are given or validated to different individuals based on their experience. The levels are explained in the increasing order of difficulty below:

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt- This certification or belt is the most basic level and easy to achieve. You need training of 1-3 weeks to completely understand this and pass the examination. The yellow belt is given to the freshers in the business field. It improves their portfolio and increases their chances of getting the job.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt- Green belt is a little bit difficult than the Yellow belt. The individuals who apply to this belt have some previous experience and know the Lean Six Sigma approach.

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